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Help Desk Management

Helpdesk is used to resolve client’s issues, with an immediate response to the query raised by client. It is used to increase the productivity of the company. By meeting the user expectation or leveling up the user service experience..

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Helpdesk play a key role in connecting the service providers with the end user and resolving the queries, helps the company to keep updated and also get an idea to improve the service provided by them and also helps to add on the new services.

The steps involved in resolving your issues:

We like to keep the process transparent. So, here is a quick go through of how your query will be resolved
We try to resolve your issue with the best possible result.

  1. If you are facing any issue, you can raise a ticket here through any active communication channel like email, live chat, and phone.
  2. The newly created ticket will be either picked by the agent manually or automatically assigned to them based on their availability and skills.
  3. Then, ticket resolution part begins. In this stage the agent can interact with the user or other agent to offer best solution.
    Here are some common action agent can take based on your issue
    • The agent can reply to the ticket
    • Attach files or leave internal notes for other team members to see
    • Escalate the ticket to a higher representative
    • Break the ticket into smaller child tickets and assign them to other departments
  4. The agent shares the solution with the user,once the solution is accepted by the user, the ticket will be marked as ‘resolved’ or ‘closed’.



You need to know what is happening in your help desk. How long it is taking to respond to the queries raised by the clients. Are clients happy with the service provided by you?

Single support channel

Having a single support channel helps the clients not being messed up with the different channels (such as chat, or phone) trying to get their queries resolved.


It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but being able to customize things like auto responder and contact form can be huge. helpdesk tool should allow you to customize as you see fit everything down to the reporting.


Helpdesk is easy to use and easy to understand..


A good helpdesk will allow to automate simple functionality like workflows, or saved replies.

Team Work

Support team members will need a place where they can collaborate and offer constructive and positive insights on queries and knowledge base articles.


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