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StartupWorld promotes vibrant local art scenes by bringing artists and collectors together through messaging, studio visits and sales of art works. Using Art listings, artists can promote works for sale on social platforms such as Instagram (where they’ve often built big followings). .

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Using the StartupWorld app – We can promote the Arts from your a big values.It gives more control and effectively tilts the economics of art-buying in their favour


Painting is what most minds jump to when we think of art. Painting is a form of expressing your artistic vision using paint as the primary medium.


Sculpture is another ancient visual art form that dates back to prehistoric times. A sculpture creates three-dimensional visual images, traditionally using materials such as clay, stone, ceramics, metals, or wood.


Literature is an art form that shares stories. It is an art form of language and can be read or spoken.


Theater is an art form where the artist combines both visual art and dramatic performance.


Cinema is the newest of the seven forms of art. Created just over a century ago, cinema may not have the length of history as the other art forms on this list, but it has quickly become one of the most popular.


Music is the art of arranging audible sounds and vibrations to produce a musical composition using the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Music can use the human voice, instruments, or both.