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Startup world provides you an easy going platform to connect and promote your any kind of applications (android apps) to the people.

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“Lively connect you and your product to the people”

We connect the people to promote their apps by following standard marketing guidance and guidelines.

You can showcase your products by providing promotional offers, driving your discovery to the people, in-app purchases and subscriptions.

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App Marketing Statergy


Take the Nike e-commerce app, for example. It is not only available on Android and iOS, but it is also perfectly accessible from a browser. ...

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This app promotion strategy not only helps build credibility but also supplements your social media efforts. When it comes to marketing in general, several studies have time and again proven the guarantee of customers making purchases when awarded promotional offers....

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Apply For Rewards

An app review platform is where app enthusiasts collude to test soon-to-be-released apps. Some popular platforms you can make use of include Product Hunt, AlternativeTo, and Slant.

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Standard Marketing Guidance and Guidelines.

For marketing your valuable product, we have tools like app store product page along with your app icon and short description about your product, a QR code or an APP store badge. This platform also helps you to promote your app via social media's too. We also help the customer's by discover your app through thoughtfully crafted data, such as app previews, screenshots, promotional text, and more.