A Gift Card Platform for Health & Wellness

Startup World Gift Card RewardsTM,is a digital rewards and incentives Platform designed for the unique needs of healthcare companies and corporate wellness programs. It’s the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to add gift cards for wellness achievements, enrollment, surveys, market research or even internal employee recognition. Our catalog features brands that emphasis health and wellness.


Security & Privacy

We understand and respect the need for privacy when it comes to patient information. Our secure Platform delivers on this requirement.

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily track gift card orders and activity. Check program status on our dashboard, run ad-hoc reports, or download and export data.

Zero Integration

Start your gift card program today, with zero technical integration required. We make rewards easy. <

Two-factor Authentication

Addons including something to highlight and more

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Flexibility and choice

Send individual rewards, upload a spreadsheet, or order in bulk. API integration is also available. Choose the method that’s right for you.

Encrypted PHI Data

HIPAA requires encryption of protected health information(PHI)and ePHI of patients when the data is stored on a disk, USB drive, etc.

White Label Solutions available

Customize the solution with your company’s logo and branding. Add messages and even photos to each gift card order for a personal touch. well documented .scss files


Save time and money with a centralized solution for placing and tracking orders.

Choose from brands that align with your program goals

The Wellness Gift Card RewardsTM catalog has over 100 brands to choose from, with a health and wellness focus. Categories include sporting goods, grocery, pharmacy, spa and beauty, dining, travel and more.


Healthy Rewards

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Gift Cards

Wellness programs are designed to improve the health and wellbeing of employees. However, the overall success and return on investment of any wellness program relies on participation. Gift card wellness incentives boost wellness program participation by rewarding employees for healthy behaviors with personalized rewards that best match your programs needs and goals.

Wellness Center

One of the most common types of wellness centers is one that you might find on a college campus or within a large corporation. This type of wellness center is focused on helping students or employees thrive in their environments by helping them deal with stress, understand proper nutrition for their bodies, and advise them on general health and well-being. Sometimes, this will include a health clinic staffed with physicians, but oftentimes it will be a separate operation.


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